Do You Have a Marketing Plan?

Do you have a marketing plan?  You don’t?  Then you’d better get one.  If you don’t have a road map for targeting the right product to the right people in the right way, keep your website on MySpace and start buying truckloads of lottery tickets.

How to lose business really, really quickly

I was searching for a marketing professional recently to do some work on my company’s website.  The promises made on some of these professional sites seem to promise the moon, or at least “number 1 on Google in record time.”  Things like that. But can these marketing pros really do what they say? I am […]

Learn to Think Outside the Box

Businesses talk about creating an environment that encourages innovation, change, openness, and so on. They believe that getting employees motivated with some good ol’ “rah rah” enthusiasm will make their workers feel good and inspire them to be more productive and innovative. They couldn’t be more wrong. You need to learn to think outside the […]

Apple’s Lessons for all of us About Listening to Customers

It’s worth approximately 6,190 Mona Lisa paintings, and anytime it announces the release of a new product, the world pretty much stops.  The anticipation creates such frenzy that customer’s camp out the night before to be the first to get one, and backorders can take weeks to satisfy. Can you guess? One word, Apple.

Get PASSIONate about your business. But keep it REAL

Get passionate about your business.  But keep it real.  What we mean by that is to combine the two.  Most businesses from an apple orchard to providing Zumba classes began because of the passion of the founder for that idea.  It’s that desire to use a specific a gift, or put passed down experience to […]