Risk and Failure Can Be Keys to Success

Many organizations and individuals promote increased innovation, change and responsiveness. While there are lots of prescriptions, we frequently ignore the major barrier:  fear of risk and failure. It is well proven that the fear of loss is much greater than the perceived potential of gain. In part, this is a function of using analysis and […]

Branding is More than Marketing

Some Simple Suggestions to Improve Branding The potential and strategies of branding are critical today, yet the practices and requirements are dramatically changing. In particular, branding is still dominated by marketing, differentiation, and promotion activities. Right now, technology, customer needs, and operations are becoming vital components of the branding process. In particular, I argue that […]

Why Your Business Culture Needs to Be Like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

It would be pretty cool to be a super-secret agent like James Bond, or Jack Bauer, or Jason Bourne — or ETHAN HUNT! Yeah, that guy from the films “Mission: Impossible” played by the one and only Tom Cruise. What’s funny is that the best business culture out there embodies the secret agent accomplishing amazingly insane […]

Generate More Ideas by Embracing the Truth

Jack Nicholson is known for the famous line:  “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” This is often truer in business than we care to admit.  We love to hang on to our hunches and beliefs, and we even twist facts and ignore reality to provide continuing support for an argument.  Similarly, we […]

How Planning Can Accelerate Innovation

There are two popular (yet different) approaches to achieving success in business.  The first way is to pursue excellence through planning and research.  The second way involves taking risks, innovating and thinking outside the box.  These approaches can be summarized in the following quotes: “Do what you do so well that they will want to […]