Prioritizing is Easy With the 80/20 Rule

The original concept in 1908 by Pareto was that 20% of the population controlled 80% of the wealth. In the modern business realm, it has been proven time and time again that 80% of business revenues are generated by just 20% of our customers. Yet we all continue to waste time, money, and inventory dollars […]

How to Write a Winning Elevator Speech

OVERVIEW At Startup Connection, we believe that the skill of communicating passion for your business — in the form of a refined “elevator speech” or mission statement — is a pure necessity to your success. Mark Twain is often credited with saying, “I would have written a shorter story, but I didn’t have the time.” […]

Business Planning is a Process (Not a Formula)

Creating a business plan is a lot like forecasting the weather… those who are in charge of predicting a storm get blamed if they are not 100% accurate. The same logic applies to business planning in terms of timing, expediency, and execution. This can lead many business owners to abandon ship, rather than seeing it […]

New and Disruptive Methods of Financing

We all know that new strategies and technologies such as the internet, social media, Smartphones, and major online retailers are rapidly disrupting organizations. However, financing and the financial industry have been very slow to adapt. The purpose of this article is to recommend a number of tactics to take advantage of new (and sometimes disruptive) […]