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This section contains some essential operating “How-Tos" for small business owners and Entrepreneurs. The goals are to help   focus your business on excellence profitability and efficiency. A critical component of these materials is to demonstrate how factors like logistics, sourcing and staff can improve results After you have reviewed them, you should move on to the OPERATIONS TEMPLATES section located in the Navigation bar beneath OPERATIONS ARTICLES.

Technology Can Stimulate Innovation and Empowerment

There are two seemingly conflicting trends in organizations regarding technology and innovation. The first is a trend towards autonomy, which focuses on organizational goals, as well as cooperation and empowerment. The second is a trend towards automation, which simplifies work requirements and can result in fewer workers. I argue you can have both autonomy and […]

Why Your Business Culture Needs to Be Like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

It would be pretty cool to be a super-secret agent like James Bond, or Jack Bauer, or Jason Bourne — or ETHAN HUNT! Yeah, that guy from the films “Mission: Impossible” played by the one and only Tom Cruise. What’s funny is that the best business culture out there embodies the secret agent accomplishing amazingly insane […]

Beat The Nerds … Creatively!

Technology vs. Human Instinct Technological advances provide efficiency and analytics. The web, AI, cloud, CRM systems, etc. are taking over. Great improvements are being accomplished and organizations are making better decisions. Yet, how do we ensure that creativity and the human instinct continue to be cultivated without us getting too comfortable with our technological supports?  […]

9 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Fear the Reaper of Market Research

No doubt that many avoid any kind of research, let alone market research, like the plague for a lot of reasons. This undoubtedly means your business culture suffers greatly due to a great fear in the office. A cloaked figure of darkness and a scythe, waiting to envelope you in the shadows of despair as you’re engulfed […]

Guess What: Your Service AFTER the Sale Matters Just as Much

What? Sounds like we’re bass ackwards here, but we’re not. In the business lingo of today, we’d call it “after-sales service,” which can include anything from installations to support and even training after the initial purchase. It’s crucial to put that in perspective; because, yes, sometimes depending on the industry, your job isn’t done after the customer […]