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This section contains some essential marketing “How-Tos" for small business owners and Entrepreneurs. The goals are to provide critical information, tips and recommendations to understand the market, marketing programs and the internet to profitably grow your business. A critical component of these materials is show the integration of factors like price, product and service on success. After you have reviewed them, you should move on to the MARKETING TEMPLATES section located in the Navigation bar beneath MARKETING ARTICLES.

Prioritizing is Easy With the 80/20 Rule

The original concept in 1908 by Pareto was that 20% of the population controlled 80% of the wealth. In the modern business realm, it has been proven time and time again that 80% of business revenues are generated by just 20% of our customers. Yet we all continue to waste time, money, and inventory dollars […]

How to Write a Winning Elevator Speech

OVERVIEW At Startup Connection, we believe that the skill of communicating passion for your business — in the form of a refined “elevator speech” or mission statement — is a pure necessity to your success. Mark Twain is often credited with saying, “I would have written a shorter story, but I didn’t have the time.” […]

Don’t Let Technology Hinder Your Bottom Line

Technology has created lots of great tools to increase sales and conversions like targeting, follow-up and lead generation tools. However, I am concerned that these may be becoming an excuse for ignoring basic good practices and too many small business owners are getting burned. “A great idea without execution is a hallucination” as Benjamin Franklin […]

Demographics – The Elephant You’re Not Dealing With

When someone asks you who your customers are, how do you answer? Do you answer based on your perception of them and who’s already purchasing your products or based on actual information? Chances are, you haven’t delved into your demographics as much as you need to. What Are Demographics? Demographics are, by definition, the study […]

Communication – How to Get Your Message Across

How do you get your message across to the right target with all the different forms of communication at work today? There are hundreds of emails, hours of television, podcasts, streaming video, texting, messaging… there is no end to it. The result is that we all shut out the communication we don’t want to hear. […]