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How to Enhance Intuition and Innovation with Analytics

Are there two extreme approaches to numbers, with little grey area in between? On one hand, we buy lottery tickets, even though the odds of winning are decidedly against us. On the other hand, we believe much of the information that is presented to us on a daily basis without much further analysis. MIT recently […]

10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Recently, I had a client approach me who was concerned about all the awful things that might affect her and her company. Her goal was to change her current response of stressing out to the point of inaction and shift her focus to developing more solutions. It was a great start that she recognized the […]

10 Things to Make Your 2018 Your Most Profitable Year Yet

Quick Tips for 2018 As we enter into a new year, we are all hoping for more success than we had this year. We all have a tendency to cry into our eggnog as we reflect on the failures, but it’s time to move forward! To start, you must address the self-doubt that still holds […]

8 Tools to Make Better Decisions

Why, When, and How Do We Make Decisions? We make numerous decisions daily that range from basic to major (what to eat to strategy and investment decisions).  We even make decisions when we choose to defer or avoid making them. What we often neglect is to spend time reflecting at how and why we make […]

Is Your Business Participating in the Shared Economy ?

The market place is seeing the evolution of a new category – the Shared Economy .  Trend setters, such as Uber, Air B&B, and other companies, are changing the relationship in the buyer/seller market. The Shared Economy structure allows people to share resources such as equipment, services, and skills. The major benefits are greater access […]