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Multitasking: What it is and what it isn’t

To successfully run any business, you have to learn how to effectively balance many responsibilities. No matter how simple or streamlined your business is, you’re always going to have things like marketing, sales, operations, accounting, management, production, etc. that you have to balance. Invariably, the term “multitasking” comes up, but that word has been misinterpreted […]

How to Balance Intuition and Analytics

The increased use of analytics versus intuition in decision-making has been significant in improving the understanding and results of decision-making. The growth has been particularly affected by the growth and confidence in behavioral economics fostered by authors like Daniel Hahnemann, Richard Thaler, and Michael Lewis. This article argues that there is no simple resolution, but […]

The Best Thoughts for Small Business – In Cartoons

At Startup Connection, we’ve made some of our points in interesting and surprising ways. Often times, that means cartoons or images to shock you, make you laugh, or make you think. Here are some of our favorites of the past few months. We hope they challenge you and resonate with you as much as they […]

Profit or Exponential Growth: You Usually Can’t Have Both

Traditional methods of planning and forecasting new businesses are dramatically changing in nature and diversity.   On one hand, traditional small businesses need to show profitability at some point, so they can pay their bills and find investors.  On the other, many new businesses like apps, sharing sites, and new technologies, require large scale, large investments, […]