This section contains some essential "How-Tos" for small business owners and Entrepreneurs. The goals are to provide critical information, tips and recommendations to improve your business and help you focus on urgent components. After you have reviewed them, you should move to the PLANNING TEMPLATES section located in the Navigation bar beneath PLANNING ARTICLES.

When to Hug and When to Prod?

Balancing and considering hugging versus prodding can be a valuable tool in your management efforts. Hugging and support are critical for involvement, confidence and the motivation to keep trying. Prodding and practice are necessary to set expectations, learn technical skills, expertise and experience. Balancing when to hug and when to prod can be critical to […]

Passion, Reality, and Starting a Business

When an entrepreneur thinks about starting a business, there are two distinct concepts critical to success that pop-up time and time again: Passion and Reality Passion Passion was best described by Steve Jobs when he said, “…Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” […]

Unlock the Door to Success by Asking Yourself This One Question

There you go. That’s it. If you ask yourself this question and answer it honestly and realistically, you’ll be amazed what you discover. Too often, people end up staying in miserable situations — jobs or relationships — for years because they are afraid that they will fail if they leave. As a society, we don’t consider […]

Multitasking: What it is and what it isn’t

To successfully run any business, you have to learn how to effectively balance many responsibilities. No matter how simple or streamlined your business is, you’re always going to have things like marketing, sales, operations, accounting, management, production, etc. that you have to balance. Invariably, the term “multitasking” comes up, but that word has been misinterpreted […]