Why Business Risk Isn’t Bad According to Aristotle and Facebook

What? ….What a combination of concepts there — ancient Greek philosophy and light saber cats. And that has what to do with business risk? A lot, actually — so says one COO of Facebook by the name of Sheryl Sandberg. Here’s what she said, which to this day is an iconic question: “What Would You Do […]

How to Set Up Your Company With the Best, Simplest Business Model in History

It’s understandably difficult developing a business model that works when you’re so muddled into factoring everything from telecommunications costs, travel, and other minor expenses. In other words, we want to be “accurate” and “complete” with our business model — when really all we need to be is drilled down to the simplicities. Base Projections — […]

Here’s How You Handle Business Risk: Get Crazy Like Steve Jobs

The iconic man Steve Jobs had quite the business ethic back in the day, judging by one of his more infamous quotes…. “The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World Are the Ones Who DO.” In business, honestly, we should follow that — as much as possible. To a certain extent, […]

Why Wayne Gretzky and Hockey Say a Lot About Running a Small Business

Business risk happens to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, if you give all the sheep hockey sticks and a puck like Wayne Gretzky, that wolf will likely hide behind the goal’s net. No one likes getting hit by the puck several dozen times! But we get it, though: we’re afraid of ticking off […]