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This section contains some essential operating “How-Tos" for small business owners and Entrepreneurs. The goals are to help   focus your business on excellence profitability and efficiency. A critical component of these materials is to demonstrate how factors like logistics, sourcing and staff can improve results After you have reviewed them, you should move on to the OPERATIONS TEMPLATES section located in the Navigation bar beneath OPERATIONS ARTICLES.

Importing Goods from Other Countries

Why Consider Importing? Be honest.  The main reason is price.  While there are numerous variations between nations, U.S. labor costs including benefits is at a minimum $10-$20 per hour.  China, on the other hand, is $1-2 per hour.  The disparity in price is obvious as to why importing goods is important.  China exported over $500 […]

Patents Trademarks and Copyrights

All entrepreneurs want to and frequently need to protect their innovations.  The questions then become can you and do you need to?  You need to consider patents trademarks and copyrights. Clearly, it is hard to protect a fitness center, except for the name.  You do need to protect many technological innovations.  You also need to […]

Why The Eighty Twenty Rule Rocks!

Introduction Many business experts have long promoted the notion that 80 percent of sales come from 20 percent of a company’s products or services.  This ratio — commonly referred to as the “Eighty Twenty Rule” — has been applied over the years to a wide variety of activities in business and beyond.  In essence, the […]

How Poor Forecasting Can Sabotage Your Business Plan

How to Avoid the Pitfalls! Introduction I met with a friend recently who shares my interest in launching and funding startups.  He told me an interesting story that resonated at many levels.  It went something like this: Back in the 1980s, when he was seeking his first financing, my friend had lunch with a senior […]