Finance Templates

This section contains some essential financial templates for small business owners and Entrepreneurs – including statements, pro-formats and raising capital. The goals are to provide assistance in defining information needs and developing a process to help understand the financial potential of your business. Don’t worry if you can’t answer or understand everything since this is a process with a somewhat steep learning curve. That’s why I am here — to help you get it right!

Financial Statements Templates

The Business Roadmap or Plan The planning process should be a productive and challenging process to define the business and ensure its success.  Its main purpose is to identify and develop programs to capitalize on the opportunity. It must also provide an opportunity to discover and plan for contingencies. The following is a general template […]

Service Income Analysis Form

Service Income Analysis Form By Bert Shlensky, PhD Part of the Startup Connection Business Library Copyright © 2014 by Bert Shlensky, PhD All Rights Reserved.   Service Income Analysis Table Directions Unlike retail or product companies, service companies are limited by time. This involves both evaluating your income potential and your need for other associates. […]