New and Disruptive Methods of Financing

We all know that new strategies and technologies such as the internet, social media, Smartphones, and major online retailers are rapidly disrupting organizations. However, financing and the financial industry have been very slow to adapt. The purpose of this article is to recommend a number of tactics to take advantage of new (and sometimes disruptive) […]

How to Enhance Intuition and Innovation with Analytics

Are there two extreme approaches to numbers, with little grey area in between? On one hand, we buy lottery tickets, even though the odds of winning are decidedly against us. On the other hand, we believe much of the information that is presented to us on a daily basis without much further analysis. MIT recently […]

10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Recently, I had a client approach me who was concerned about all the awful things that might affect her and her company. Her goal was to change her current response of stressing out to the point of inaction and shift her focus to developing more solutions. It was a great start that she recognized the […]

Demographics – The Elephant You’re Not Dealing With

When someone asks you who your customers are, how do you answer? Do you answer based on your perception of them and who’s already purchasing your products or based on actual information? Chances are, you haven’t delved into your demographics as much as you need to. What Are Demographics? Demographics are, by definition, the study […]