New Organization Models for Innovation

Determining the best of several popular organization models is imperative to any business for its long term success. G.E. has, after several decades, finally been trashed for their inflexible, outdated, authoritarian practices which have resulted in reduced earnings and stock price. In contrast, the Golden State Warriors recently won their second NBA championship in three […]


Small business shouldn’t follow a google template. Nor should owners endlessly research alternatives or try executing multiple efforts. Instead, business owners should identify priorities and focus. From there, test and adopt or change as opportunities present themselves.  Learning to focus is an imperative skill for any small business person. Most plans have wrong assumptions, are […]

A Great Idea Without Execution is Hallucination

Business success tips usually focus on issues like having a great idea, goals, strategy, financial plans, branding, customer service, measurement, operations, excellent people, etc. What is occasionally left behind are simple tips or rules for executing programs. This article describes both the issues and remedies to improve execution and thus, excellence. “Do what you do […]

When to Hug and When to Prod?

Balancing and considering hugging versus prodding can be a valuable tool in your management efforts. Hugging and support are critical for involvement, confidence and the motivation to keep trying. Prodding and practice are necessary to set expectations, learn technical skills, expertise and experience. Balancing when to hug and when to prod can be critical to […]

Differentiation Is Easier Than We Think…Here’s How!

Most of us understand basic marketing concepts and the importance of differentiating ourselves from commodities. This differentiation is generally accomplished by various actions including creating brands, quality, packaging, social and web marketing. This article argues there are other strategies and operations that can be more effective, less expensive, and simpler methods of differentiation for you and your company. However, […]