Why Packaging and Distribution Seals the Deal in Doing Business

We think there are a lot of stigmas out there when doing business. Better yet: stereotypes. And some are more prevalent than others. That, however, doesn’t mean you should neglect those ‘others’ for the ones that seem to make more sense: like the business logo, or product development, or how you market and brand your business. Believe it or not, but if you want that business of yours to be successful, make sure you’ve checked this off your list — packaging and distribution!

You Won’t Believe How Important It Is to Ensure You’ve Got That Process in Place When Doing Business

How are you ‘packaging’ your product and service? Are you? If not, you’re missing out on a very valuable piece of the marketing pie. After all, where the heck is the logo going to go? On the package.

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Delivery is even more important as you study and research your industry. Logistics is a no-brainer. You have a physical product, you have to get that product in their hands, or else it really doesn’t matter how cool your product is. If the customer can’t get to it, you don’t make money.

But delivery isn’t necessarily about physical transportation. You could have a product or service that’s 24/7, on-call service, or an online product of some kind. Think of the newer-age business brands out there like Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, and Zappos — distribution has become something way more complex and effective than just simple packaging and trucking.

Perhaps you sell digital marketing services, and your work is done via account management. Lay out your delivery processes and make sure your prospective customers know what to expect — and when you’ve got that out of the way, make sure it gets done every time.


After All, Your Customers Can’t Buy and Keep Buying If They Don’t Get Your Stuff Somehow

Be it brick-and-mortar, online e-commerce, or just a delivery service — whatever it may be, get it situated. Make sure the operations are in order. Because you don’t want to launch without having all of those details etched in stone, ensuring customers know what’s coming. In many ways, this is the final gift to great service — they finally get it, use it, love it, and then, of course — they come back for more of it.

That’s business success.

Dr. Bert Shlensky, President of The Startup Connection, directs all small business clients toward maximum sales and profit thanks to his 40 years of high-quality experience. He does this through technological, social, and online integration, supercharging your business success into the next level, so don’t hesitate to sign up for a free consultation RIGHT NOW.

Why Packaging and Delivery Seals the Deal in Doing Business
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Why Packaging and Delivery Seals the Deal in Doing Business
You might be branding your business with the best logo, optimal marketing, and a quality product, but please don't forget about doing business this way.