The Holy Trinity of Brand Development: Features, Benefits, and Advantages

Say what you want about trademarks and logos. They have their place. But if you’re really looking for brand development, making sure it’s successful in the market you’re targeting, there are three aspects you have to focus on the most:

You Simply Ask Yourself These Three Questions About Brand Development: What Are the FEATURES, What Are the BENEFITS, and What Are the ADVANTAGES?

Real quick, if you don’t know the answers to those questions, simply start researching. Get them. Withoutbrand development-1 them, your brand isn’t a brand. But just a name. And there are a lot of names out there!

The thing is when you’re building your brand, educating your consumer base about the “holy trinity” does a few things — it lets your customers know what the product/service is, why it’s great, and why it’s better than the rest of the competition. We’re talking about a 1-2-3 combo, and if you were a boxer, that’s a knockdown on the 3rd round for the championship belt without breaking a sweat! You’re, of course, asking just why these three together make so much of a difference in your brand development.

  • Features — The “features” of your product and service happen to be exactly what it is. The specs. What your product/service does and provides. This is the nuts and bolts. The basic understanding. After all, customers may know what a fork does, but they had to have that explained to them when the fork was first introduced into the consumer market, right? These days, though, features don’t come across as that simple, hence why aspects like warranties, ease of use and distribution return privileges (the added “features”) make a difference as well.
  • Benefits — Here’s where we get a little tricky. The benefits are like the “features” except now we’re going above and beyond what the product/service does. Why does it do what it does? That’s the question. We now know what a fork does. But why do we need one? To effectively eat our chicken Caesar salad, of course, without any of the lettuce falling off! Now that’s a benefit. But it’s only a benefit if the customer believes he/she needs it and sees it as valuable.
  • Advantages — And, of course, lastly, it’s pretty obvious why a fork would be better than, say, a SPOON when eating chicken Caesar salad. This is where you have to explain what the advantages are. Target your competition. Set yourself apart. Sure, the spoon’s great for cereal, but when was the last time you successfully ate a salad with a ladle? These days selling the advantages of a product or service has been getting much more cutthroat and vicious with the shorter attention spans and seamless Internet communication capability.

Hence why more now than ever we focus on these three even heavier than before as part of branding. Packaging your product/service in this way along with that name and logo gets you started on the right foot. Plain and simple.

Now Get Started With Your Brand, Ring the Bell, and Make It Happen

Of course, I can help you with everything you need in propelling your small business, all the nuts and bolts. But you need the vehicle first. Here are the parts. Start building. And I’ll see you soon.

Dr. Bert Shlensky, President of The Startup Connection, directs all small business clients toward maximum sales and profit thanks to his 40 years of high-quality experience. He does this through technological, social, and online integration, supercharging your business success into the next level, so don’t hesitate to sign up for a free consultation RIGHT NOW.

The Holy Trinity of Brand Development: Features, Benefits, and Advantages
Article Name
The Holy Trinity of Brand Development: Features, Benefits, and Advantages
Your brand isn't a brand until you get these three brand development aspects down on paper. Remember that. And here's why: