Guess What: Your Service AFTER the Sale Matters Just as Much

What? Sounds like we’re bass ackwards here, but we’re not. In the business lingo of today, we’d call it “after-sales service,” which can include anything from installations to support and even training after the initial purchase. It’s crucial to put that in perspective; because, yes, sometimes depending on the industry, your job isn’t done after the customer pays. There’s obviously more to do. Much more.

But Why? Why Does It Matter to Go Above and Beyond the Original Sale? Isn’t That Enough Service?

Honestly, NO. Yes, the service spoke for itself. The customer bought. The satisfaction should be there. But even those professionals in retail service customer satisfactionrealize that even after the customer buys and leaves the store, the way to retain revenue and profit is to make sure that customer doesn’t come back complaining! That would be considered a kind of “after-sales service.” Follow-up calls. Damage control. Your goal is to keep them coming back satisfied — not angry.

Additionally, those after-sale services can clue you in on the metrics of what your customers liked, what they didn’t like, what they’d like more of, and getting them to spread more word-of-mouth of how awesome your service and product are. Don’t do any of those things, and that customer may be satisfied, but no other customer will ever hear about it! And lastly, you won’t know what else you can do to replicate the success if you don’t get that feedback. Here’s plenty of key ways to maximize that after-sale service mantra:

  • Call Those Customers Every Now and Then, Just for the Heck of It! — Say thank you ALL THE TIME. Standardize an annual review, discussing the good stuff like logistics, pricing, distribution, anything that could be improved.
  • Replace Anything and Everything, Even If It’s Minor — This means hiring the most empowered staff and management to have that authority. Give them the freedom to please the customer beyond all expectations.
  • Designate a Toll-Free Number Just for Customers to Call and Discuss Anything — Transcend their expectations. Listen to those customers of yours. Go the extra mile.
  • Don’t Just Have Customers Sign a “Sales” Contract, Have Them Sign a MAINTENANCE Contract — Meaning, you agree to maintain that customer satisfaction for a certain period of time.


None of That Even Matters More Than This One Important Aspect of After-Sales Service and Distribution

Loyalty. Not only are they going to come back satisfied, but they’re going to know more than anyone else about what they’re coming back to. It’s about building rapport. When that customer leaves your “service,” that customer isn’t actually leaving at all. That customer’s still with you 100%. So keep it looking good. It’s as they always say — those customers aren’t simply buying your products or services —

They’re buying you.

Dr. Bert Shlensky, President of The Startup Connection, directs all small business clients toward maximum sales and profit thanks to his 40 years of high-quality experience. He does this through technological, social, and online integration, supercharging your business success into the next level, so don’t hesitate to sign up for a free consultation RIGHT NOW.

Guess What: Your Service AFTER the Sale Matters Just as Much
Article Name
Guess What: Your Service AFTER the Sale Matters Just as Much
It sounds like it makes no sense to offer any kind of service AFTER the sale, but once you read this, it'll make all the sense in the world!