Sales Analysis Template

Targeting and Planning – Sales Analysis Template

By Bert Shlensky, PhD
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sales analysis template

Distribution Sales by Outlet Directions

It seems trivial and self-evident to state that selling is a process that involves a buyer, a seller and a transaction. So why do many of us frequently forget that simple formula? There are books, articles, tapes and training efforts on selling but it boils down to the following;

  • Know the product , the competition, and the advantages and the disadvantages
  • Understand the buyer and their needs and constraints
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses, be prepared, listen, set goals, and have an action plan for success.

The ever-changing face of sales

Clearly the process of buying and selling are dramatically and rapidly changing. This is mainly as a result of more sophisticated consumers, better and more frequent information, and new technologies such as the media, the internet, sales planning tools, reporting and tracking technologies, and increased market segmentation. These changes have brought about an evolution in sales transactions and tracking, resulting in more professionalism, better information, and a tailored involvement and experience with customers.

The process needs to start with defining your target market, segments and consumers.

  • This requires a combination of research and planning and includes:
  • Defining your market , segments and offerings
  • Researching your competition
  • Understanding your customer and what benefits they are seeking
  • Understanding the process of the purchase in terms of media, decision making, etc.
  • Understanding the role of the sales person, sales materials, and role of the internet

The Template below (please download) provides a quick tool for planning your sales outlet. It allows you to gain a perspective of your sales by outlet. This enables you to integrate much of the rest of your sales. In particular it gives input to develop your marketing, operations and pricing plans by outlet.

All that is required is that determine forecasts for your company by outlet. This is especially important in developing parameters for the limits and potential of selling into various outlets

Final Words

Sales is a process involving both art and science. It is much more about understanding the product, the market, and the customer than the individual personality of the sales person.

Creating a sales environment that appeals to your prospective customer, and emphasizing your product’s benefits for them individually is part of a winning combination to generate and build sales.


Please Download this Excel Spreadsheet as part of this lesson:

Sales Analysis Template.xls

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Article Name
Sales Analysis Template
The Sales Analysis Template will help you know your product and competition; your advantages and your disadvantages. Understand the buyer, and their needs and constraints. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared; listen, set goals, and have an action plan for success.