Here’s How You Handle Business Risk: Get Crazy Like Steve Jobs

The iconic man Steve Jobs had quite the business ethic back in the day, judging by one of his more infamous quotes…. “The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World Are the Ones Who DO.”

In business, honestly, we should follow that — as much as possible. To a certain extent, of course! But here’s the thing:

Business Risk Is Nothing More Than a Wall — and You Either Climb Over It (WhichSteve Jobs-1 May Take a While), or You Can BREAK THROUGH IT

Sure, you’ll manage risk head-on like that, and you’ll suffer a few broken bones and bruises.  But chances are good you’ll come out of it with a new horizon, a new arena, a new demographic or niche, maybe even a revenue source you never knew existed. That’s how business grows. It doesn’t grow without growing pains.

I’ll go against the grain and say that risk mitigation isn’t about minimization inasmuch as it’s about management. Manage your risk with gusto, without fear, and just go crazy like Steve Jobs would have back in the day, and the risk would be so minimal in comparison to the greater rewards down the road. You’ll innovate. You manage that risk to grow beyond what you expect. Keep trying to minimize the risk, and that risk is always going to keep you grounded while not realizing your full business potential.

And If That’s Hard to Believe: Once Again, Just Take One Good, Long, Hard Look at the Man Steve Jobs Himself

It’s not a simple thing to be the way Steve Jobs was. The guy made changes in the lifestyle of just about every human being. But make no mistake: he didn’t make any omelettes without breaking some eggs. Take risks. Be crazy like he once was — as an homage to the man, the myth, the legend.

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Here's How You Handle Business Risk: Get Crazy Like Steve Jobs
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Here's How You Handle Business Risk: Get Crazy Like Steve Jobs
on't get me wrong: Steve Jobs wasn't like certifiable "straight jacket" crazy. But he was crazy enough to try something new and set an unbelievable trend.