Startup Connection

Startup Connection’s sole focus is to help entrepreneurs make money by showing them how to navigate and balance all aspects of starting a business.

I deal with the issues of HOW to resolve the challenges of successfully running a small business. My goal is to help you maximize your capabilities and opportunities.


Start with a few FREE sessions that help you develop an initial program to develop a preliminary understanding of your challenges and potential. This step includes my special tools to develop initial goals and our special introductory plan to make money. We then develop a mutual proposal to help you succeed.

We also offer a unique and flexible fee structure. Both fees and terms are customized for each client but are based on the value we provide and when we provide it. In other words, we require only your efforts but no initial financial commitment.

We are aware of the thousands of experts who tell entrepreneurs what to do in running a business. We offer hands on help in actually doing it.


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to start the process.