This section contains some essential "How-Tos" for small business owners and Entrepreneurs. The goals are to provide critical information, tips and recommendations to improve your business and help you focus on urgent components. After you have reviewed them, you should move to the PLANNING TEMPLATES section located in the Navigation bar beneath PLANNING ARTICLES.

Passion & Reality – Do You Have What it Takes To Run a Business ?

Starting a business is a major life changing event replete with a myriad of emotions. It can be stressful, yet invigorating, tiring but also inspiring and sometimes even downright terrifying when you run a business. To be successful in your new venture you not only need to be passionate about your business but you also […]

The Holy Trinity of Brand Development: Features, Benefits, and Advantages

Say what you want about trademarks and logos. They have their place. But if you’re really looking for brand development, making sure it’s successful in the market you’re targeting, there are three aspects you have to focus on the most: You Simply Ask Yourself These Three Questions About Brand Development: What Are the FEATURES, What Are […]

3 Key Million-Dollar Elements to Planning a Business With Just One Idea

I’m not singing you a song here. This is the real deal. You want to start a very successful business — one that will, not might, generate a million dollars in revenue? All it takes is a detailed follow-through on these elements, these prized steps to planning your business. Get Yourself a Whiteboard and Start Planning a […]