Beat The Nerds … Creatively!

Technology vs. Human Instinct Technological advances provide efficiency and analytics. The web, AI, cloud, CRM systems, etc. are taking over. Great improvements are being accomplished and organizations are making better decisions. Yet, how do we ensure that creativity and the human instinct continue to be cultivated without us getting too comfortable with our technological supports?  […]

Is Your Business Structure Getting in The Way of Your Success?

If you want to be successful in your new venture, you should pay attention to the modern examples of achievement like Apple, Google, and Amazon and their business structure . What are these companies doing differently? They have broken down the traditional norms of operation and flattened their business structure into a streamlined, distributed model. […]

Shoot First…. Ask Questions Later?

There is value in proper planning and execution, especially related to “Marketing & Sales.” Yet, how many times have we heard successful business entrepreneur share their success (after many failed attempts) when they didn’t plan on it? In this post, I will explore how “Not Overthinking and Just Doing” can also be a useful strategy […]

Passion & Reality – Do You Have What it Takes To Run a Business ?

Starting a business is a major life changing event replete with a myriad of emotions. It can be stressful, yet invigorating, tiring but also inspiring and sometimes even downright terrifying when you run a business. To be successful in your new venture you not only need to be passionate about your business but you also […]

9 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Fear the Reaper of Market Research

No doubt that many avoid any kind of research, let alone market research, like the plague for a lot of reasons. This undoubtedly means your business culture suffers greatly due to a great fear in the office. A cloaked figure of darkness and a scythe, waiting to envelope you in the shadows of despair as you’re engulfed […]