Goals and Measurement

We all understand the importance of goals, purpose, direction and measurement in establishing commitment, success, team work, and coordination.  Somehow between that understanding and the execution things often go awry. One of the key mantras of a relatively new industry, direct marketing, has been the focus on setting goals and measurement.  Google Analytics, and products […]

What’s a Real Entrepreneur?

In talking to entrepreneurs about starting a business there is a great deal of variety in energy, ideas, skills, experience, money, commitment, and time required. If you have none of these, we suggest not wasting your time starting until you figure some of them out. If you have at least some of them, it is […]

Demographics Do Not Lie

Demographics is the study of how a population based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, education, income, and employment affect various outcomes. Demographics are typically used to learn more about a population’s characteristics.  Businesses must rely on demographics as a key method for planning. Labor force Back in 1960, the American labor […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

Have you ever watched one year olds learn to walk?  If you have, you are sure to notice a number of similar experiences.  While every child learns how to walk in a similar way, each one’s experience is unique as they get up, fall down, get up, and keep trying. What is amazing is their […]

Avoiding the Hockey Stick Plan

After counseling over 1,500 clients seeking to start new businesses, it’s troubling so many of them seem possessed with what can be called the Zuckerberg, venture capital, or hockey stick plan to starting a business. I typically read 3 to 5 startup business plans a week.  So many are simply outrageous just because of the […]