10 Things to Make Your 2018 Your Most Profitable Year Yet

Quick Tips for 2018 As we enter into a new year, we are all hoping for more success than we had this year. We all have a tendency to cry into our eggnog as we reflect on the failures, but it’s time to move forward! To start, you must address the self-doubt that still holds […]

8 Tools to Make Better Decisions

Why, When, and How Do We Make Decisions? We make numerous decisions daily that range from basic to major (what to eat to strategy and investment decisions).  We even make decisions when we choose to defer or avoid making them. What we often neglect is to spend time reflecting at how and why we make […]

Communication – How to Get Your Message Across

How do you get your message across to the right target with all the different forms of communication at work today? There are hundreds of emails, hours of television, podcasts, streaming video, texting, messaging… there is no end to it. The result is that we all shut out the communication we don’t want to hear. […]

Is Your Pricing Too Cheap?

How small businesses can get pricing right Did you know that being dead cheap could be dead wrong for your business? Many small businesses try to be the cheapest, thinking that it’s a certain way to make more sales – but pricing does not work that way. If your pricing strategy doesn’t go beyond being […]

Is Your Business Participating in the Shared Economy ?

The market place is seeing the evolution of a new category – the Shared Economy .  Trend setters, such as Uber, Air B&B, and other companies, are changing the relationship in the buyer/seller market. The Shared Economy structure allows people to share resources such as equipment, services, and skills. The major benefits are greater access […]